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Pushkin Links

If you would like to read Pushkin's works in Russian, here are a few excellent pages. However, you will need the proper decoder to view the Cyrillic alphabet. Be prepared!

  • Stephany Gould's home page. Includes a hyperlinked Pushkin biography.
  • Genia Gurarie's own Pushkin translations.
  • Evgenii Peskin's Public Electronic Library, which has the entire text of Eugene Onegin. The mad, mad man!

    And for things Pushkin-related:
  • Russophilia! by Rita Anna Bogna, an excellent compilation of Russian-related sites on the Internet. This page is listed under "Language and Literature: Poets and Writers."
  • Viewing Cyrillic in Windows. Sorry, I can't help you if you have a Mac!
  • U. of Minnesota class notes on Pushkin and Russian literature
  • Pushkin's Internet Movie Database listing. Includes information on several Russian TV adaptations of his works and on the Eugene Onegin movie that Ralph Fiennes and his sister Martha are working on.
  • Ralph Fiennes talks about the Eugene Onegin project in a Real Audio interview at Hollywood Online... click on "Upcoming film with his sister as director."
  • Martin Donovan talks about working with Ralph on Eugene Onegin, also in Real Audio at Hollywood Online... click on "Upcoming movie with Ralph Fiennes."
    Note: Eugene Onegin has finished filming as of the end of May. Liv Tyler is playing Tatiana. Can't wait to see it!!
  • Liv Tyler is now also on the record about Eugene Onegin. Again, it's at Hollywood Online... click on "Shooting 'Eugene Onegin' with Ralph Fiennes," and "Found her dream role."
  • Download Real Audio.

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