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thursday, may 24
yesterday at aikido class the sensei taught us some cool moves which would be good for bar fights. i was the only female at class that day, so when i asked about good techniques for wasting guys that drape their arms across your shoulder, i got to practice on him. we talked some extra after class about other moves, and then suddenly, without saying goodbye, he scurried off. what did i do? did i smell or something? if so, i swear it was all picked up off the mats in the practice room. it wasn't me. and if it had anything to do with maybe the fact that he looks like an ex-boyfriend, or that i was soaking in progesterone at the time, well in that case, all i can chalk it up to is...

girl power!

--4:09 PM

i was going to the bathroom and found something squishy down there. i snagged it on some tp and lo and behold it was my corpus luteum. usually it just comes out by itself. it got a little help this time. no wonder i've been so moody the last couple of days. i've been being poisoned by progesterone. whew. i hope that's all over now. earlier this month i started getting leg cramps, such as i'd used to when i was on the pill. i hope my period isn't too heavy when it comes. hormonal turbulence here.

--4:06 PM

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