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Thursday, February 17, 2005
"Oklo is the only known example of where nature has had to deal with tonnes of concentrated radioactive over an extended time period in the near surface crust of the earth. It is in essence an natural experiment in radioactive waste disposal. The fact that large parts of the reactors contining the original waste were still largely intact after 2000 million years provides some hope that nuclear fission waste may be stored in suitable geological repositories." Web site about natural fossil fission reactors- Curtin University of Technology

Monday, February 14, 2005
"This document is intended mainly for the male Linux enthusiast who would like to see more women involved in Linux. Its secondary audience is both men and women who have been too busy having fun with Linux and computers to sit down and think about why most women don't share their interests. We hope you'll come away from this HOWTO with some understanding of why women stay away from Linux and with a few ideas about what you can do to reverse that trend." HOWTO on encouraging female participation in Linux development- by Val Henson