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Sunday, April 13, 2003
Can we pull off a Pax Americana?- Information Clearing House

Background on the toppling of the Saddam statue- Information Clearing House

More from the article: "But overall, says (Dennis) Dunleavy, (professor of journalism at San Jose State University,) 'there's a sterile quality to the photographs. They're technically clean, but there's not a lot of conflict or intensity to them. I am seeing images in newspapers and magazines, but I'm not confident that they're really telling the whole story.'" "Newsweek's message (in its current issue) is clear: The war is about American soldiers, not the Iraqi people."

"Today's climate raises the question whether there is now any circumstance under which the American press would show images of American soldiers killed during wartime. The answer may very well be no. Even if it wanted to, the press today can't take its traditional pictures of flag-draped military coffins, since the Pentagon has banned journalists from the airbase in Germany where bodies are flown."

A must-read.

"While newspapers, magazines and newscasts have overwhelmed us with stylized photographs of American soldiers either in battle, helping civilians, enjoying each other's camaraderie, or showing off the latest in war technology, the violence of war has often been treated as a danger zone, forbidden, an afterthought." An analysis-


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