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Friday, May 10, 2002
Good ideas gone "governmental" (read: bad). People | How do you design a "Keep Out!" sign to last 10,000 years?

To get a closer view of one of these proposed hot zone follies, come, let's take a walk through, and for god's sake, don't touch anything.

Of course, I had to blog this story on blogging. Technology | Much ado about blogging

It should be obvious that weblogs aren't competing with the work of the professional journalism establishment, but rather complementing it. If the pros are criticized as being cautious, impersonal, corporate and herdlike, the bloggers are the opposite in, well, almost every respect: They're reckless, confessional, funky -- and herdlike.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002
Bombshell words. What I've been thinking all along. Sex | Turn-on

George Lucas is still a virgin, and he wants his audience in the same stricken state.

It's so true.

Much has been said about the unintended consequences of e-mail, a subject inspiring countless articles by corporate communications experts on the fine points of e-mail etiquette. Less attention, however, is paid to the practice of using this so-called "killer app" to intentionally manipulate, smear, and expose one's adversaries on the corporate battlefield. Technology | The art of office e-mail war
Strategies for manipulating e-mail in the workplace run the gamut, from the carefully targeted attack -- blind copying someone's boss with incriminating information on a co-worker -- to what you might call "the Suicide Bomber," a disgruntled employee's company-wide flame designed to stir up trouble for his employer with little regard for his future reputation or financial status.

Monday, May 06, 2002
Unbelievable! Life | Georgia school holds 1st integrated prom

Many Southern schools have kept social activities segregated years after court-ordered integration 31 years ago. Though some schools still crown dual homecoming queens or have separate social clubs, Taylor County High School was one of the last to hold separate proms.


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