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Friday, April 05, 2002
It's almost poetic in its beauty.

The Register | Microsoft's anti-Unix campaign backfires

A $30 million advertising campaign jointly funded by Microsoft and Unisys to trumpet the superiority of Windows over "closed" Unix systems has turned into a public relations nightmare for the two companies.

Go figure.

Kandahar's Lightly Veiled Homosexual Habits

"In some Muslim societies where the prohibition against premarital heterosexual intercourse is extremely high--higher than that against sex between men--you will find men having sex with other males not because they find them most attractive of all but because they find them most attractive of the limited options available to them," Richardson says. - The webmaster for publishers: Talk is cheap and so is blogging
So forget about dissing blogs as chit chat. Forget about blasting blogs for unnewspaperness. The new order isn't just a negation of the old, or a recombination of its components: the new media spawns new features and experiences which are indescribable in the old language. E-mail isn't just "electronic mail," it is bccing, subject lines, limitless dribble, forwarded jokes, FLAMING, writing a quick note when you don't have the energy to engage in a full dialog, sig files. SMS is far more than "short messages sent by mobile telephone," it's a whole culture of instant feedback, global simultaneity, crooked thumbs, endorphined beeps announcing news and stimulation.

Monday, April 01, 2002 Comics | This Modern World
"A Patriot's Guide to Debating the War on Terror"

Disagree, disagree, disagree.

As the Web Matures, Fun Is Hard to Find

The problem facing the Web is not that some of these particular sites have come and gone... but that no new sites have come along to captivate the casual surfer.

Bob Rankin, the co-editor of Tourbus, an electronic newsletter, frequently sent his readers to innovative pages. Now the newsletter is more likely to provide information about online charities and antivirus software. "I have a harder time finding the oddball sites that I like to highlight," Mr. Rankin said. Technology | Where are the Mahirs of yesteryear?
Last week, in what was surely the strangest obituary for the Web yet, the New York Times published a feature complaining that the Web is now officially washed up because it no longer provides a sufficiently diverting stream of trivial amusements.


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