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Tuesday, May 08, 2001
My company is so awesome. They now have a team of computer VIRUS BUSTERS, can you believe that. It's made up of an elite corps of complete idiots. In other words, MCSE's. WOW, I'm so proud to be working here. They spent five minutes looking over an e-mail that looked like it was carrying a virus. They asked me whether the folder in my Outlook with the Deleted Items icon, named "Deleted Items", was my deleted items folder. They told me that if I viewed attachment filenames in my preview pane, it was just the same as opening it. I said, "No—" and they said yes, for certain types of viruses. I said, "Which types?" Pause. "Thousands."

Good God, my co-worker is drenched, I say, DRENCHED in Banana Republic perfume. Banana Republic Classic, I think. There's so much of it that it smells straight out of the bottle. She's coughing, so I guess she is sick and maybe was too sick to shower this morning. I can't imagine that her native odor could smell any more gross than this, though. Poor girl. She is nice. But, obviously, shtanky.

I don't get shtanky easily. I can take many nights without showering before beginning to smell. Er, except my head. Yes, my hair gets shtanky.

Ethical Philosophy Results

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  1. Kant (100%)
  2. Spinoza (95%)
  3. Augustine (90%)
  4. Bentham (86%)
  5. Plato (80%)
  6. Stoics (76%)
  7. Sartre (75%)
  8. Aquinas (69%)
  9. Rand (66%)
  10. Mill (62%)
  11. Nietzsche (58%)
  12. Aristotle (56%)
  13. Hume (56%)
  14. Ockham (53%)
  15. Noddings (52%)
  16. Prescriptivism (47%)
  17. Cynics (38%)
  18. Epicureans (35%)
  19. Hobbes (23%)
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Victory is sweet:

fermina622: i don't like my boss at work. but one of his projects is totally on fire. i'm trying not to be happy about it.

saturngirl13: fire?

fermina622: yeah, he sent an email to all these people so they would come to our web site, but the link he gave doesn't work

fermina622: 42,000 people

saturngirl13: ahahah

fermina622: heeheehee!

fermina622: yeah, like i said, i'm trying not to be happy about it. but...

fermina622: i mean, earlier this week the jerk totally rewrote a document he'd asked me to make. this was after i made two revisions for him already.

saturngirl13: why cant you be happy abou tit?

fermina622: oops, i guess i mean early last week

fermina622: um... i guess i'm giving him a hard enough time already

fermina622: sometimes when he comes to talk to me i just stare at him

saturngirl13: youre brutal

fermina622: i know!! i've got to stop


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