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Thursday, April 19, 2001
I hate my stupid job. Why are my boss's stupid ideas good, but when I try and run with his stupid ideas my ideas are bad? If he prefers to have text stretch the full length of a column then the only place to put ads in that column would obviously be between blocks of text. And if you want more than one ad, of a size less than half that of the column, then why not throw out the idea of putting them side by side? But of course the moment I say this, I get, "Well we do want to sell ads, and if we don't sell any ads then we won't have a newsletter at all." Argh! He can DIE!!!!

Condescending... stinking... jerk!

Wednesday, April 18, 2001
Personal dilemmas, broadcast over AIM:

fermina622: i wrote this blurb just now: "Last month was a demanding one for our Lincoln out in chilly Michigan. Our Detroit editor's children thought it lacked both legroom and cargo space, and a faulty throttle connection appeared which left the car dead in freeway traffic"

fermina622: and then i thought, do faulty throttle connections just appear? and then i was like, screw it, they do today

Heh, heh

You know, I don't like Emily Dickinson all that much. I think she's overrated. She's interesting in the context of her time period (lots of completely awful poetry was written during the Victorian era, so hers looks good in comparison), but there are much more meaningful poems around, from all time periods. Only a handful of her poems are really any good. Maybe that's why she never published the vast majority of what she had while she was alive at all.

Monday, April 16, 2001
:( Bye bye, Joey Ramone

Sunday, April 15, 2001
Oh, it's Easter today, isn't it?
I'm no Jesus but I'm close to him
we talk all the while
I'm no Jesus but he comforts me
we walk side by side

On the water we walk religiously
On the water we talk seriously

The pool is dirty but I'm feeling clean
love is the drug
I need a rush and then he comes to me
he gives me a hug

Fill my pockets with stones but I can't sink

Help me

if you


Fill my pockets with stones but I can't sink

Help me, if you believe
Gus Gus

This looks like a cool blog. I like the URL, too. I should have done something like that with Peter. For a while everything was Peter, Peter, Peter. But now things are better. Although, this weekend has been a Peter weekend. Here is the blog, lovely URL:


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