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Wednesday, April 04, 2001
Ack! Score: 8 out of 20. I'm running on adrenaline :(

This I say, as I run two IM windows while simultaneously working on something that's overdue. Having just taken the quiz (item still overdue). I don't have a problem!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2001
MUST GET NEW NICK CAVE ALBUM. Obsessed with song.

There is only one thing I like about President Bush, and that's that he's a pistol-waving Commie hater. I really hope he doesn't go easy on China over this airplane incident. The government there is anti- everything that's American. Democracy... human rights. Now apparently they're violating international law. If there were hostages in Iraq, we'd be bombing Baghdad right now. If it were any other Communist country we'd be selling military supplies to the resistance right now. But what are we doing right now? Nothing.

China Takes US Hostages, Again


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