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Tuesday, December 19, 2000
oh yeah— all my christmas shopping is done! ...oh, alright, that's because i'm copping out on several friends by making their souvenirs their xmas presents. when i go to tokyo.

just now i got on a dead can dance kick and downloaded a whole bunch of their songs. while i was at it i snagged tricky's "christiansands". i'll always remember the video to that song. it was just when i started finding out about electronica, and i was awed. here was a musical world completely outside the province any radio station's playlist. it was the beginning of the beginning, you could say.

over the weekend i bought things falling apart, and the clerk at moby disc said hey, there's a still-wrapped copy of this in the used section. i'll get it and you could get the same thing for $3 less. i said cool, but when it came there was a hole punched through the jewel case— it was a promotional copy. i turned it down. the clerks didn't understand why and i said, well, i think i've got to support trent in this matter.

h a p p y   h o l i d a y s   e v e r y o n e !


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