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Thursday, October 04, 2001
It was 2:34 PM:

War Room Central... read it. It belongs to a friend. Don't let the media borg keep you in the dark. Lao Tze said that the best way to lead a people is to empty their minds and fill their bellies. So you can make a choice... lead or be lead.

Friday, September 14, 2001
It was 6:37 PM:

My mind needs antidotes, antidotes, antidotes.

It was 6:11 PM:

Eek. Tuesday's attack in cartoons.

Thursday, September 13, 2001
It was 1:40 AM:

Jish of Jish.nu, September 12th

"I was doing better today, until a short while ago when I was at a cafe for breakfast. As I stood in line, someone (very loudly and in a very accusing tone) asked: 'Are you from Afghanistan??' All eyes turned upon me, burning, each one accompanied with accusatory frowns. Needless to say, I very sheepishly said: 'I am not from Afghanistan.', then I quietly left ... with an empty stomach and almost crying."

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I suppose if you are here then you were looking for me. This is what I've been up to: I'm still jobless out in West L.A., and have had about all I can take of living off the dole. If anyone knows of any cool jobs, or knows anyone that knows of any, please, please, puh-leeze let me know so I can get off my sorry butt and work. Thanks. ; ) My resume Web page is at members.aol.com/chenjeanm.


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apocalypse now redux (wow),
rush hour 2 (not bad),
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hamlet (2000) (awesome),
dune the miniseries (not bad),
a.i. (ugh!),
atlantis (sucked),
existenz (loved it!),
big momma's house (cool),
pearl harbor (uncool),
traffic (sucked),
the mummy returns (liked it),
dr. strangelove (loved it!),
the birdcage (blah).

books half-read:
the fellowship of the ring,
american gods,
management of the absurd,
woe is i: a grammarphobe's guide to english,
winter rose,
the book of atrix wolfe,
when true night falls,
guns germs and steel,
frozen music,
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the big sleep,
managing the design factory,
cousin bette,
burn rate,
an instance of the fingerpost,
black sun rising

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a faye wong album,
no more shall we part,
blues everywhere i go,
i'm your man,
crouching tiger hidden dragon,
things falling apart,
too dark park

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belle and sebastian- various
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coco lee- various

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key the metal idol,
macross plus,
kare kano,
vision of escaflowne

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the last temptation,
skeleton key,