I suppose if you are here then you were looking for me. So we can catch up, here's what I've been up to: I'm still working in Santa Monica, still living in West L.A. I just went to Japan. Pictures are forthcoming...

I'm updating this page frequently for my amusement and yours. Have fun. Write me!


What's on My Mind

Wednesday, March 07, 2001
6:09 PM—
I have the flu... Yesterday morning I coughed so hard on my way out the door that I nearly fell on my toilet. Luckily the lid was down and I have a fuzzy cover on it. Briefly I considered not going to work. But I went anyway.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001
3:27 PM—
Four days ago I cut myself on a soup can lid. So far, no signs of tetanus. Rock.

Thursday, March 01, 2001
6:30 PM—
Those goody two-shoes at Advogato have got another think coming courtesy of Badvogato. Member crackmonkey seems especially dangerous!

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There was once a Japanese court lady who kept lists. She wrote lists of all sorts of things. Here are a few lists of my things:


men's olympics,
perverted golf commentators,
torrid panda

movies last seen:
the birdcage,
buena vista social club,
meet joe black,
wing chun,
crouching tiger hidden dragon,

current comics reading:
skeleton key,

most recent anime seen:
key the metal idol,
macross plus,
kare kano,
vision of escaflowne

newest cds:
blues everywhere i go,
i'm your man,
crouching tiger hidden dragon,
things falling apart,
too dark park

newest mp3 downloads:
dead can dance- i am stretched on your grave
belle and sebastian- fought in a war
tricky- christiansands
dead can dance- various
dead can dance- rakim
deadweight- several
sukhotin: my co-worker's band!
a perfect circle- several
radiohead- kid a

sorry radiohead, i was broke! i swear i'll buy it later ^^

books half-read:
management of the absurd,
woe is i: a grammarphobe's guide to english,
winter rose,
the book of atrix wolfe,**
when true night falls,
guns germs and steel,
frozen music,
collected schopenhauer,
the big sleep,
managing the design factory,
cousin bette,
burn rate,
an instance of the fingerpost,
black sun rising*

* finally finished after two years!!
** finished it in a few weeks!!

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