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I suppose if you are here then you were looking for me. So we can catch up, here's what I've been up to: I'm still working in Santa Monica, still living in West L.A. I just went to Japan. Pictures forthcoming...

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Sunday, February 04, 2001

@ 5:16 PM:
photos from my trip to europe are up! check out the link on the left.

@ 5:01 PM:
went to a club called giant last night. my friends and i haven't done this in so long... dinner at 9, arrive at the club at 12, stand in line until 1:30, sleep at 5! it was lots of fun. very hot inside. lots of people on X. that was okay. everyone was very nice.


There was once a Japanese court lady who kept lists. She wrote lists of all sorts of things. Here are a few lists of my things:


men's olympics,
perverted golf commentators,
torrid panda

movies last seen:
wing chun,
crouching tiger hidden dragon,

newest cds:
things falling apart
too dark park

newest mp3 downloads:
dead can dance- i am stretched on your grave
belle and sebastian- fought in a war
tricky- christiansands
dead can dance- various
dead can dance- rakim
deadweight- several
sukhotin- my co-worker's band!
a perfect circle- several
radiohead- kid a

sorry radiohead, i was broke! i swear i'll buy it later ^^

books half-read:
winter rose,
the book of atrix wolfe,**
when true night falls,
guns germs and steel,
frozen music,
collected schopenhauer,
the big sleep,
the design factory,
cousin bette,
burn rate,
an instance of the fingerpost,
black sun rising*

* finally finished after two years!!
** finished it in a few weeks!!

see that nifty
splash page again

incidentally, this site is,
although not strictly,
enhanced for lynx.