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Monday, February 07, 2005

1:41 AM: Too Sexy

oh i forgot to mention all the hipsters at the concert. they were everywhere, with their artistic glasses worn just so, and their off-brand and thrift store clothes carefully ironed and donned. their hair was carefully dishevelled, their eyes carefully flat with ironic detachment. meanwhile the bands sang songs about wild abandonment. what a thing to see.

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1:08 AM: Pool is Dirty But I'm Feeling Clean

this may not be up long. i'm so picky about writing poems.

water is cold, but if you fall in you should swim
it is your duty.
once a person asked
--if you fell in this pool, wouldn't you struggle? wouldn't you fight for the life you have?
even though it is flawed?
it is an obvious answer, but admit that many in their hearts do not agree,
and fear forevermore the unspeakable.

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Image detail of original by glockgal