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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

11:27 PM: Wanted: Mental Floss

i'm scared! i started off tonight looking at all the mail in my inbox from the new mailing list i joined... for unix users. most of them were flames. some of the flames mentioned some prehistoric flames from 1996 in usenet. so i googled the people involved and read those flames. vague memories were starting to surface, things i remembered happening in college. then i was like, "i've got to get on with my day," so i deleted all the hoo-hoo and went to metafilter, which i read every day, and noticed that dave winer of userland and infamy has just incited a round of flames. so i've been reading flamewars ALL NIGHT! UGH!

plus... i re-read the first comment i ever left on metafilter, and now i'm feeling guilty that it's quite snarky. 8(

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

8:25 PM: Dance Like Nobody's...

i closed the store with joe last night. we were talking outside the back entrance when a security guard from the mall came by and said, "why are you guys standing around and talking? don't you know there's salsa dancing in the plaza?" so we walked around the corner to see the salsa dancing. i started nodding my head to the music... joe started dancing. well, more like spazzing out in place. and then i was so glad that we had not gotten together.

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