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Saturday, April 17, 2004
6:21 PM: Goodyear Regattas

AND, last week someone punctured my car tire while i was at the l.a. county museum of art.* thankfully i'd insured my tires when i got them last year at just tires. even now it seems silly to have bought insurance on tires but i guess i needed it after all. at first i thought it was a flat, but then it turned out to be a hole in the sidewall. just tires asked me if i had any enemies, because it had pretty obviously been lanced...

as near as i can figure, someone must have slit it while i was parked between the museum and park la brea, which is surprising because that's a good neighborhood. park la brea is a bunch of pricey apartment towers. there's nothing offensive about my car except a ucla sticker. so could it be? could it have been a usc fan?

* i saw the diane arbus exhibit. i realized i don't like her stuff-- she gave everything she photographed a horrific look. it's great that she documented people living on the fringe of society, but underhandedly portraying it all as a freak show is not cool. going through the galleries i couldn't believe that with such a sensibility she hadn't killed herself. then i found out that she had. <:-o

5:29 PM: You Are a Writer if You Write

cary tennis gave wonderful advice on writing some time last week at salon. thank god, because i needed it. because i need to write a personal statement STAT, like this weekend, like right now. 8 ( *sniff*

5:13 PM: Nothing to Click!

sad; i just wanted to click widgets.

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Image detail of original by glockgal