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Monday, March 01, 2004

1:02 AM: Sometimes

sometimes i just want to yell. tonight i think i want to yell in one friend's ear that he needs to quit fearing himself and just admit that plenty of people love him just the way he is. haven't our mutual friends dragged him out of countless dive bars just seconds before the bouncers were going to? haven't they driven his crazy butt home and tucked him into bed (or unlocked the apartment door and pointed him in that direction, i guess), and then called him the next morning? i do believe they call that love. don't i always give him a hug and a smile despite knowing all his dirty laundry for these past six years? i worry about his sadness. i worry that it might make him do something stupid. i guess we never really know how much people love us. we fear to believe.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

11:43 PM: Woohoo!

lord of the rings! yearrrrrgh! i got so nervous as the show progressed... return of the king was getting all the little awards, and i felt sure it meant that the academy had passed it over on the big ones. but oh no! alright!


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