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Saturday, February 14, 2004

11:46 PM: Tourisme

joe is a tourist. joe is a stinking tourist, the kind that jack accuses marla of being in fight club (well, the kind that jack is). oh, he's exactly like that. showed up to the support group of girls-that-care, and sampled the wares for a little fun before wrapping up the night alone at home. to paraphrase:

I'll say, Joseph, you big fake, you get out.
You big tourist.

So, Joe, get out. Get out. Get out.

Friday, February 13, 2004

9:45 PM: Configsys.boy?!

configsys.boy, i just realized you are linking to me, and i am quite honored. thank you! eeeeee!! *runs around all crazy*

dear two people that read this web site, there is an excellent post there about being a geek. read it. be it. but only if your heart is true. [ed.- eeh, looks like i linked to this last year! oh well, if you haven't read it before, it's new to you, right? so, go... :) ]

yeah, let's talk about joe some more. i'd thought he was a geek; that was what attracted me to him in the first place. don't you think it's geek-flirting if a caltech (drool) student asks you, apropos of nothing, whether you remember any os/2 keyboard shortcuts? i mean, whyyyyyyy! you know, as he casually leans across an os/2 terminal, of course. among any same-sex geeks this would be a mere pissing match, but between a male and female, it's the classic love-hate dance. trevor and aeon... max and miriya! and then we had quite the nice discussion about him growing up on the mac classic and how i couldn't wait to get panther for my ibook because it comes with rootless x11 (again, drool), and dump photoshop for gimp! i think this is the true core of my anguish. joe stomped on my beautiful little dream... the dream of the epic love, of the two great minds that could easily destroy each other, but instead join together because of their love for the ideal. fuck! my sister says that i'm obsessing over him as if we'd dated, and we hadn't even, but don't you see? we've already done even more than that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

12:17 AM: I Thought?

i thought he was my friend; i thought he was my friend
at the very least i thought he was my friend

Monday, February 09, 2004

1:59 AM: Oh HELL No

oh HELL no! i was right! he says he's happy with his life the way it is now, and doesn't want to date anyone. ohhh, he led me on. you should've seen the things that he did. oh, the freaking rat bastard! i was sure, everyone was sure, that there was no question he was raring to go. um, so i wrote another poem-

joe is studying how to fly
but so far his wings are clipped
like my childhood pet parrots,
the leading feathers are gone
  and he doesn't even know
his body craves the warmth of the tropics,
but he is laboring in snow
poor parrots, poor joe!
i'm glad i don't keep birds anymore
you clip them to keep them, you know.


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