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Friday, January 02, 2004

1:07 AM: Back to the Future

i was just presented with a tin of old letters that i hadn't seen in ages. they were from college and just after. there is one person who i haven't talked to in over four years, because i thought he was giving me short shrift as a friend. looking over his old emails (which i'd printed out, back when email was sufficiently interesting to compel us to write soul-searching letters to each other), i'm surprised how candid he comes off, and how involved he seemed to be in my life. but on the other hand, i remember feeling constantly left out of his life anyways, even though we went to the same college. which perception is real? i'm not sure anymore. a mutual friend said just a few weeks ago that it was a pity that such a good friendship had ended, and that i should give him a call. i don't know. he used to be like my brother, almost. is it time to forgive and forget?

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

11:01 PM: New Yerr

happy new year everyone! i am spending this new year's eve at home. last year i was only just beginning to freeze my ass off on the sidewalk waiting to watch the rose parade on new year's morning. actually it was a ton of fun.

i'm going to blatantly steal an idea from linz at bad samaritan and consider what i did each month in 2003. but i can't remember what happened when, so i'm going to have to rely on my wonderful denim kogepan planner:

  • in january nothing much must have happened because my planner was coming in the mail, and nothing's written there.
  • in february i saw an ansel adams exhibit at the l.a. county museum of art, and had a hellish blind date that makes a pretty good story today.
  • in march i went to a few toastmasters meetings. i must remember to join sometime, because i suck at speeches.
  • in april, i neglected to submit my tax return and may have gone to the l.a. times book fair, held every year at my alma mater (ucla).
  • in may, i finally got my horribly-off glasses prescription fixed, and took a trip to denver. a very good friend left l.a. for her native illinois.
  • in june someone hit my car and i had to change jobs. well, i was getting tendonitis from it and hated the job anyways. i also started working for this guy, whom i quit in a huff three months later. he still owes me money, the rat. i hear that he is still sad that we're not friends anymore. well, he can't be that sad, because he has $1,500 which belongs to me.
  • in july i went to san diego comic con and got invited to an exclusive goth party o_O and i could've seen elijah wood and andy serkis if only i hadn't headed home before midnight. a different friend came out to visit from the aforementioned state of illinois. we hung out in ventura. i also bought a new cel phone.
  • in august i went on another blind date. this one went well, except that we didn't like each other. c'est la vie.
  • in september i quit my job and went to disneyland, but not like that, exactly.
  • in october i started working for a social services agency.
  • in november i started working for a store at the mall, because i needed more money. i also cashed out my 401-k for the money. that was a somber moment. meanwhile, a friend that i'd reconnected with at the comic con invited me to a banquet where i met ray bradbury! i shook his hand!! and also i turned 28.
  • in december i got my hair cut and permed-- a drastic change in hairstyle that was worth every cent, i think. i went to a december 16th midnight showing of return of the king, and i believed, if only for three hours. i also totally, dramatically fell for a co-worker. and here i am tonight.
i've already seen the darn ball in new york drop because the news programs had the gall to lead off with that. but in just about one hour, i'm going to see it again and pretend that it's the first time. bring it on, 2004!


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