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Monday, June 16, 2003

11:07 PM: 

ever had the nagging feeling that maybe mount rushmore is an affront to humanity? i did: ecopsychology on-line

Sunday, June 15, 2003

11:40 PM: 

i saw one of my high school friends at the local renaissance faire today. this being l.a., you can also replace "local" with "one of the nation's biggest/most notable". everything in l.a. is like that. gives a corporate sheen to everything, even the cool stuff, which is sometimes tiring. anyways, i'd seen her there before, so i half-expected bumping into her as i walked in the gate. she's married now, to another faire-goer. he looks like a good guy; i looked on their web site. everyone has a web site these days, or two, or five :) this year i asked her if she'd heard anything about solomon, a guy that used to hang out with us. he was quite a dire social reject of the high school that'd had a yen for me and once, in the hallway of his parents' house, he suddenly stopped and tried to kiss me, clark gable-style. yecchy. i squirmed out of his reach and avoided an ignominy that would surely have been hard to live down. your first kiss has got to good. i got mine, instead, yes, from... a faire-goer. yet, trust me, it was the better choice. to this day, skinny blond guys with long hair still do it for me. er, so, back to solomon. the word is that he's started going by his middle name and has gathered even more psychological damage than his absentee parents had already doled out by 10th grade, and become even more obnoxious and socially poisonous than before. oh, the poor guy.


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Image detail of original by glockgal