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Monday, December 09, 2002

11:47 PM: 

"You must be a machine. You scored 12/14." YAY!! compliments of Arse or Elbow.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

10:52 PM: 

sometimes you've just got to type, type, type into the darkness...

but then sometimes you wish that some of the people who are typing would... not. i am sick of the blogging scene. maybe it's something about the inherently selfish nature of journal-writing, but bloggers generally seem to me to be reactionary, small-minded, and rather lacking in fortitude, but vocal about it. they reveal god-awful prejudices and ignorances.

10:32 PM: 

so there's this blog out there called bitter lychee, and i'll tell ya, just when you thought you were unique, ya stumble along a seven-year-younger, exact version of you. same dreams, same problems, same writing style as you had at her age. and what can you do really but shake your head in wonder at the workings of the universe? now i'm rather glad i never tried to publish any of the poetry i wrote back then.


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Image detail of original by glockgal