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Sunday, August 11, 2002

10:09 PM: 

i finally have a full-time job again. it's a temp job, but it's 40 hours a week and will last several months at least. it's been a week. and i... hate... it.

it's data entry. horrifyingly mind-numbing. i look at mortgage papers all day, verify that the documents are complete, and enter their status into the company's database. it requires no brainwork at all, except for a little bit that's just enough to prevent me from being able to zone out while doing it and think of nicer things, like the Great American Novel i'm going to write, orlando bloom, or, say, joaquin phoenix.

curses... and CURSES!

but it makes me money, sweet money, and being that i am living at home and my car loan is paid off, i will net the same each month as i used to when i paid for rent and my car. it has, on the bright side, allowed me to re-enter the land of consumerist milk and honey. banana republic has already been hit up. armani exchange was the object of a sortie today. one part of me feels human again; able to provide for myself. and another part of me feels dead, no longer having the time to dream.


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