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Friday, January 18, 2002

5:20 AM: 

whew! hot and sweaty debate! is star trek better than lord of the rings? or vice versa? the circumstances are so different it's like comparing apples to oranges-- one's science fiction, the other's fantasy, one began its life as a movie, the other as a venerable series of books, with all the perils of book adaptations included. Arts & Entertainment | Slavish fans! Desperate accusations!

2:53 AM: 

an essay on he of the perfect looks... ;)
Legolas - why he's my favourite character! - Draft

2:42 AM: 

weak knee-dly yours,
Orlando Bloom top name search at

2:30 AM: 


Mon! You're the normal one, honey, in the best way possible. You're caring, you're responsible, you look to the future—what a gem. Wait a second, did you just start editing for grammar mistakes in the middle of reading your own compliments? Ok, so you like things, well, the way you like them. But even when you're smiling through clenched teeth, waiting for everyone else to get with the program, deep down, you're really still smiling. You're just waiting for that impatient moment to pass.

When it comes right down to it, you are thoughtful, meticulous, and good at what you do. As for romance, you can be a little picky and want things to be just-so. We wouldn't expect anything less. And like the original Monica, if you can avoid rushing into things, you'll find the right match and all the happiness your sweet, finicky, heart deserves. - Which "Friend" Are You? - Monica
oh, it's totally me...

12:53 AM: 

Jean, Establishing Independence is your primary love story!

The Establishing Independence love story that grips you begins with desire — not only for someone different, but for exciting life changes, as well. Whether you're looking to grow away from a current relationship, move towards another relationship, or simply develop a new sense of who you are, look for a shift in what you pursue and how you define yourself relative to other people.

These transformations come in the package of another person, perhaps a soul mate but more likely someone you've selected not because of his potential, but for the qualities he possesses as different from those you are accustomed to.

Just as young Juliet escaped an arranged marriage by attaching herself to Romeo, people often establish a separate identity for themselves by dating people who are very different from their parents, or their last loves. If you come from a conservative coat and tie family, maybe a James Dean rebel is the best way to go. If you're tied to people who are defiantly liberal, you might seek out someone who will help you experiment with more conservative ideas.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

2:31 AM: 

My AD&D stats:

Your results:

Str: 3
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Dex: 11
Con: 6
Chr: 17


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