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Friday, January 11, 2002

3:45 AM: 

i think the japanese find themselves dehumanized in a dehumanizing world. but what to do with the oppressor? technology and advancement have brought them riches and comfort beyond the dreams of farmers, fishermen, samurai, and meiji. but it's brought them heartache also. we'd do well to listen.
tetsuya nagato | me and my monkey in thirty-two locations

3:37 AM: 

noooo! coca-cola's discontinuing mr. pibb!

3:03 AM: 

now that i am penniless and living with my parents, i swear that i am living on a diet that is at least 50% sandwiches, and of that, 25% peanut-butter and butter sandwiches, 25% peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches (strawberry welch's, in a pokemon jar), and 50% sliced-turkey ham and cheese sandwiches. this is because there is nothing else to eat at my parents' house, except when my mom cooks dinner; then there's dinner. so i don't have money to buy food, i don't want to defrost meat, wash & chop vegetables, and cook, and certainly i won't ask my mom for more food when she's already so kind as not to demand that her jobless daughter wash the dishes or do some other hard labor since she's jobless and all, and so that is why sandwiches are the word of the day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

4:15 AM: 

have been feeling down a lot, but a picture of the cariana nebula made me think; how can i mope when there are such spectacular things in the universe? when out in the heavens such things like this are swirling, maybe creating planets, maybe creating life?

Monday, January 07, 2002

4:53 AM: 

so i've got this obsession with travel gear. i like to plan perfect vacations in my head, and right now i really don't think the rei tourlite i bought to go to europe a year and a half ago was really that good. it's too heavy. so my madness is taking me all around the world now; since working at third street promenade by the beach in santa monica, i've gotten to all sorts of foreign backpacks, hung off the shoulders of tourists. so far:

macpac koru and java
karrimor global 70-90 lowe alpine trip 10 (american, i know)


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