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Thursday, December 20, 2001

4:30 AM: 

so, about c. spencer yeh. it's sort of a fancy-pants way to refer to oneself, isn't it? but we all do regrettable things in college. he was the author of some of the classic posts of, but a lot of times he was a little too... edgy. i mean... mean. i wonder if this here is his picture. i always read his posts extra carefully, trying to, i now realize, look for clues on forming my own identity as an asian: among caucasians, in college, on the internet, expressing my love for one band's music. who should i be? i'm still trying to figure out.

spencer is pretty close to what i thought he would look like. but he's more slight than i imagined. he has glasses very similar to mine. veeeery interesting.
possible picture of the legendary (in my mind) c. spencer yeh

4:17 AM: 

m.c. death is asian?!?! by way of clarification, m.c. death is the usenet name of a guy who i read on the newsgroup all through college. he was a large part of my formative internet years... one of the net.personalities that populated my world, along with the hilarious c. spencer yeh (a post on him in a moment). i can't believe that all this time there was an asian n.p right under my nose. check out his picture...
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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

3:53 AM: 

some days are good; some days everything goes right. i hope i have one of those days soon
bad samaritan : i love you, man

2:27 AM: 

man, if i see another ambien commercial, i'm gonna... okay, i don't know what i'm gonna do. ambien is a sleeping pill. i've decided that ambien commercials are the sign that i am up too late. they only buy spots really late at night, like at two to four a.m., for insomniacs. maybe even ones like me. so when the first one comes on, i know i need to be scooting off to bed.

i've been working at the mall store, brookstone. it's a good place to flirt with guys. why, even today one of the managers came up to me with a face like a thundercloud and said, "jean, you need to start flirting less with the customers." he was joking. then he cackled naughtily and pinched my arm. he's such a drama queen. but i did see a chinese guy, about my age, who looked roughly like bono from u2, but even cuter, and, like, under 30, you know. and then there was a french man with the most gentle eyes i've ever seen. like a deer. how could i not flirt? he remarked that his name was the same as mine. jean. match made in heaven? who knows?


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