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Sunday, November 25, 2001

1:56 AM: 

so now my birthday is safely over. i would say it was pretty good. i think the waiter at Buca di Beppo was hitting on me. that helps.

i have the same birthday as william f. buckley jr. and zachary taylor and three people at Buca di Beppo. one was an old lady named lilith, and one was a very young lady (okay, a girl), and i don't remember her name.

other people born the day i was born: spinoza, father junipero serra, frances hodgson burnett, toulouse-lautrec, scott joplin, geraldine fitzgerald, ted bundy (yuck!), and denise crosby. yeah, tasha yar. also, one playmate, vintage April 1984.

vesuvius erupted. "on the origin of species" was published. all these things happened on my day, my birthday :)

1:26 AM: 

it's funny how, after thousands of years of civilization, our animal instincts still exist. just now i suddenly tilted my head to the left just in time to see a large brown rat scurry across the living room floor in mortal terror. and then i couldn't stop staring in its direction. i really wanted to go and catch it! but what would i do with a rat anyways? would i be able to claw it? could i bring myself to eat it? no way. and what was i to do, jump up and drop my laptop onto the floor or something? and then wrestle off the phone line and mouse cord so i could chase the rat? no, i couldn't do that. but i still wanted to.


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