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Saturday, September 08, 2001

1:49 AM: 

a horrifying tale:
A Town Choking to Death
all my problems suddenly seem trivial. and living in the whiz-bang, antiseptic (comparatively) information age, i forget so easily the ways in which industry and commerce have destroyed and continue to destroy people.

Friday, September 07, 2001

4:11 PM: 

heh, heh, heh.
More often than not, Art's drawings are flat, poorly balanced, and strangely obsessed with the blue palette. Without a doubt the worst from an aesthetic standpoint is a Tax Day 1995 cover charcoal drawing of a Harvey-esque rabbit in a business suit, pockets turned out, crucified against a 1040 form. (You remember that controversy now, right?) There's nothing in the background form itself to suggest a cross motif, and the execution is bizarreŚ you can tell this is a guy rabbit, but he has a woman's crotch. Most damning, though, is the concept: Even if you're a Republican who believes that the IRS is crucifying business with high taxes, tying that to Easter is cheesy beyond belief, despite the proximity of the days.
a pic comes with the article

4:02 PM: 

Spiegelman's rise to power is a story less about one balding chain-smoker than a case study of the way carefully crafted perception can lead to the reality of power in a media town where people are too busy to keep track of more than one name per area of expertise.*
yaknow, salman rushdie seems to be suffering a similar metamorphosis:
He dines with Al Pacino, pens lyrics for and drinks with the rockers of U2, is photographed by Annie Leibovitz, appears on "Politically Incorrect" and "The Late Show With David Letterman." He shows up at splashy media events such as the Talk Magazine launch on the Statue of Liberty's island and even played himself in the film "Bridget Jones's Diary".... Salman Rushdie has created a rather compelling character, and his name is Salman Rushdie. *
tall poppies

3:55 PM: 

i didn't know about ted rall v. art spiegelman. i suppose we should always be wary of the tall poppies.

Thursday, September 06, 2001

1:52 AM: 

blast from the (not-so-distant) past: i took the last of my stuff out of my ex-boyfriend's apartment yesterday. when i got there he was on the phone, so i started taking stuff down to my car on my own. 3 trips to the car later, he was still in his room. 2 more trips later, and i heard him playing a game on his computer! who raised him?! wild baboons?! he didn't offer to help me at all. in fact, he didn't talk to me at all. what a loser! it's been over a year since we broke up. whatever he may still be hung up on, i'm astonished that he doesn't have even the minimum amount of maturity that would compel him to exercise common courtesy. i'm glad all over again that i dumped him. I'M TALKING TO YOU, [NAME DELETED]! HIDE IN YOUR ROOM, LITTLE BOY! HIDE!!


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