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Friday, August 10, 2001

12:44 AM: 

"(Gigolo) Joe has the happy optimism of someone who has never met a girl he wouldn't like to fuck." ahh, yes.

i highly recommend everyone (over 18) subscribe to salon for the smut, as it is such good stuff.

10:14 PM: 

nobody ever listens to me, you know that? nobody ever listens to me. i am totally unheard. i'm a nobody. a non-entity. i'm going to give up listening to other people. all they want to do is bombard me with their... problems, their thoughts, their ideas, and they don't want to listen to mine! what's the point, then? why does everyone think they're so damn right all the time?

i'm taking a class on making portfolios. one of the people in it is a total psycho. walking back from lunch, i was telling another class member that i thought people often think i'm a completely different kind of person than i think i am, and he said in a very aggressive way-- practically barking-- "WHAT KIND OF PERSON DO PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE?" and then he turned away before hearing my answer. i thought it was a little wierd, but i brushed it off because i thought maybe i'd misinterpreted-- it was very windy and there was a lot of construction going on in the area, so maybe he hadn't meant to yell. but then after class in the parking lot he jumped when he saw me walk in talking to another male from the class. what's his problem? what kind of nut is he? and tomorrow we're all supposed to swap business cards with each other. i don't want to give him any of my information. i think i'm going to forget to bring my cards to class tomorrow.


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Image detail of original by glockgal