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Tuesday, May 01, 2001

10:57 AM: 

there is june gloom outside today, and it's only the first of may. these kinds of overcast days are the kind that murder the spirit. a certain dampness in the air, a certain expectancy exists that makes the cloud cover, even after all the fall and winter, impossible to take. it's not the same as an overcast day in winter, where the air is either crackling dry or decisively filled with rain. l.a. doesn't take this half-humidity well. in winter the overcast clouds hang high and plenty of light gets through. but in the end days of spring such clouds scrape low and a half-twilight reigns all day. some of us walking the paved streets bow our heads to cower. we are trapped between two hard strata shaded concrete grey.

please let this go away soon.

my soundtrack: radiohead, kid a

9:34 AM: 

damn! i was so close to getting a first post on slashdot just now... but in the time that it took to log out and come back in so i could submit one of those nefarious pieces of spam anonymously three people had beat me to the punch!!! i've never been so close before *sniff*


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Image detail of original by glockgal