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Friday, March 16, 2001

9:38 AM: 

there is an article on yahoo about the latest attempt republicans are making to restrict abortion. i've been thinking this over for a while. i've always thought that all these attempts to legislate it go counter to the separation of church and state. why aren't doctors deciding all these things? why lawmakers? i wish people would make that point more often.

and why does the debate bother me in such a deep way? i hope not to ever need an abortion. okay, well i guess who wouldn't? but i do what i can to avoid it. so, why do i feel threatened each time bills like these appear?

i think it is because the idea of restricting abortion on any non-scientific basis is dehumanizing. it casts women as baby-making machines. the baby inside them is more important than them. for those of us that wish to be fully human, how can we tolerate that? this is the first world. these are modern times. until just the last 100 years of our history, the vast majority of us lived hardscrabble existences and did whatever we had to, to get by, and then to procreate. we didn't have choices. people that grew up on farms worked farms. cobbler's sons became cobblers. poor women in cities were maids. or, say, if they were seamstresses's daughters they became seamstresses. or something similar. now, we have guidance counselors and career counselors, and anyone can get into college if they try hard enough (admissions issues are a whole other post, but really, i don't think it's impossible for anyone to get into a state college. memorize your sat class if you have to. go to community college if you have to.). we don't live like— and this might be a little strong to say— animals anymore. we've lifted off from the circle of life. darwinistic impulse doesn't need to apply to us anymore. the survival, indeed dominance, of our species is hardly in question. and therefore women aren't offspring incubators anymore. we're people. persons with free will and choices and desires to excercise their ability to make choices, and an unborn baby no longer needs to be an entity which society separates from the person carrying it for purposes of survival of the species. it's the modern day, and we now have the ability to make a person the most basic unit of humanity. and if we are to say yes, that the human race has advanced, then we must do that, and each person should be respected as such, regardless of what's inside it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

6:06 PM: 

SOMEONE TELL ME why hot repairmen are extra hot!! just saw one walking by.

11:28 AM: 

ugh, i can't work. not today. i want to be home today. i don't want to be working. and i don't, don't, don't want to be writing small blurbs about cars.

i am almost positive that i am not meant to work in the corporate world.


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