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Friday, February 16, 2001

5:13 PM: 

the emails stack up, and the voice mails. people call and i don't want them to call. i am innocent.


12:01 AM: 

glowing... it is always fun to see my friends from my first job. what a long time i spent with them— what things we saw, what things we did! and only they would just begin to party at 10 p.m. on a thursday night. but then again, i would be the one to join them... lovely people.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

5:19 PM: 

no, i know he's not. he's from montreal. those montreal jews, my jewish friend says. he's from montreal.

5:18 PM: 

god is from texas. texans will tell you that. but listening to "Everybody Knows" off I'm Your Man, i wonder if leonard cohen is from texas.

12:05 AM: 

and this i posted... this is all-important:

my good friend couldn't believe what she was hearing when i told her more about this person that i've been liking. just so, but she has never seen his lightning blue eyes, felt the heat of his gaze.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

11:59 PM: 

okay, so i've reached a crucial decision. i've been trying out livejournal for a couple of weeks and thought about switching the engine of this weblog over to that. but after some soul-searching and checking out of the community and other livejournals and such, i think i like blogger better. pretentious webloggerati (and i certainly think too many are), and all. hello, hello, glad we never said goodbye.

so here is a dump of my livejournal entries. they have some nice features, but in the end... here i am.

Wednesday, February 14

4:29 pm - Sometimes you can only go so far
I want so bad to nail the programming department. My application didn't write to the database until last week, and it was supposed to be writing there last year? But I can't do this without naming names. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 13

10:36 am
something breathed into my ear. hope, it said, and i followed. from out of the hole onto the cliff's edge. and soon into the air.

10:31 am
imagine a clean world without judgement, without emotional memory

just data


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Image detail of original by glockgal