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Saturday, December 02, 2000

2:40 AM: 

one should watch water boil some time; it's unexpectedly beautiful.

Friday, December 01, 2000

6:14 PM: 

as projects come and go, co-workers move in and out of the sphere of your existence. people who were fine as acquaintances just last week are now the bane of 8 hours of your day. that's what i've got now. a certain female who i don't mind lending an ear on occasion— she can't seem to get along with anyone— is quite the pain. what an insecure, aggressive, roadblocking, power-grabbing black widow she is. no person or project she is in is spared a few drops of her poisonous nectar. now she is on my project, and i can tell she is spinning her web. soon she's going to run out, bundle me up in her evil threads, and stab me with poison. then she's going to suck all my guts out! i'm fighting back; i can't let this happen. no more mrs. nice girl! i'm not going down without a fight!

6:11 PM: 

with a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

9:39 AM: 

i suppose another friend did also promise to cook me dinner. but i have mixed feelings about that, because that came about when she couldn't make it to dinner at a restaurant with me. yet i'm fairly sure she ended up spending that night with her ex-boyfriend.

9:36 AM: 

so i turned 25 last week. i guess i'm doomed— forever socially inadequate. i don't know anyone crazy enough to, say, kidnap me and take me to vegas (as i hear is imminent for someone i know who is turning 25 today). i don't even know anyone wacky enough to throw me a surprise party. i guess i do have two friends who are just insane enough, just so out of control, that one called me up and asked me if there was anyplace i'd like them to take me out to dinner. after some deliberation i decided on black angus. strange... i suddenly feel grateful.

9:30 AM: 

hmm, eye candy


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