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Monday, October 02, 2000

11:59 AM: 

is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

co-worker #1 asks me if i want to go to lunch, and i say, who's going? he says it's a big group, so i say (deducing it's not an exclusive event), can co-workers 2 and 3 come, because we always go to lunch together? #1 says no, my friend who's coming won't come if the group gets too big-- just don't let the other two know you're going. i say, i can't do that-- we always go out to lunch. he says, just go without them.

11:50 AM: 

i think that some day when i'm bored i'm going to read all the pages in google's geeks and nerds directory entry.


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Image detail of original by glockgal