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Friday, September 15, 2000

10:17 AM: 

..exchanging glances...

Monday, September 11, 2000

10:16 AM: 

and yes, i am going to fix the gap and tell them to close the windows next week. if i stay over. i am not going to like it, no. the fact that they have to be ordered around like hired help to do these kinds of things.

10:03 AM: 

why am i enraged... i could take a stab. at explaining. this morning i woke up shaking because i'd caught a cold. for as long as i've known myself, i have had the worst health. but nothing that could be cured with a shot or an operation. but if ever there is an opportunity to catch a cold or the flu, my body takes it. once i was sick with the flu for 4 months, straight. last night i slept at my parents' house; they left half the windows there open last night. there is a one-inch gap between the door of the bedroom they've given me and the floor. the window inside the bedroom was, of course, closed. to no avail.

so i wake up this morning shaking and weak as a kitten, and wonder, could they ever do the simplest thing for me? i suppose the fact that i've gotten the flu once, if not twice, every winter of every year of my life (and how about those summer flus, i get those, too) isn't compelling enough for them to fix things like inch-high gaps under doors, or to close windows. and i remember all the other things they have never done— would never do— for me, and i wonder what exactly i ever did to deserve this slow torture-unto-death from them. the closest clue, as far as i have been able to tell from those two people i call Mom and Dad, has indicated that it was being born.

9:58 AM: 

woke up in a rage this morning... an hour and a half drive into work later, the rage has not subsided. who would've thought?


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Image detail of original by glockgal