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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

7:30 PM: 

7:23 at night, at work, and suddenly a certain something has happened in the tense air of the after-hours office. digression: offices are never calm, are they? even after hours they retain a nervous static. so, a smattering of DBAs, SAs, and quality assurance staff remain. and me. our office is a very impersonal one; people make friends but only in secret. just now cameraderie surfaced and people are chatting, laughing, joking around. they're making disparaging, impolitic comments about their co-workers. they're dropping their guards, and the quiet malaysian immigrant two cubicles down (his name a tongue-twister as only muslim names can be) has begun playing house music off his computer speakers. house.


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Image detail of original by glockgal