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Friday, August 25, 2000

12:23 PM: 

a wondrous beautiful thing from
Important derivatives are: congress, progress, grade, degrade, degree.
To walk, go.

Suffixed zero-grade form *ghdh-yo-.

gressorial; aggress, congress, degression, digress, egress, ingress, pinnigrade, plantigrade, progress, regress, retrograde, retrogress, transgress, from Latin grad (past participle gressus), to walk, go;
grade; centigrade, degrade, degree, from Latin gradus (< deverbative *grad-u-), step, stage, degree, rank.
[Pokorny ghredh- 456.]

i am talkative today.

12:15 PM: 

that tech guy really had a way about him. "uh, we need to change your computer's name, because, uh, it's all numbers." not a very good reason there... neither i nor my computer happen to care that its name was 4X36987234J. and now it's JCHEN. ok.

the secretary has broken down crying. now i have a little more sympathy for her. she, this morning when asked to sign going away cards for an intern, snapped, "i don't have the time for that right now." wow, i thought, the new responsibilities she's poached from the hollowed-out voids left by Those Who Have Been Fired have really gone to her head! she was one delusional sucker, anyway. nodded and yelped "mm-hmm!" at everything that was said at our two downsizing-explanation meetings. looked like she was ready to fall over and yell "hallelujah!" but thankfully, for now, her continuing downward spiral as Company Woman remains unconfirmed.

she slept with Idiot Tech Guy there in the first paragraph, didja know. isn't there something smug about two people who've just slept together talking. i think it's sickening. most sleeping-around is so misguided and shallow. it's not the congress of two people, it's the worship of the physical. it's the fetishization of the body. that's all it is, and the morning after these pairs of participants try to smooth over the parts of last night that they hadn't understood and pretend that they had achieved something meaningful.

11:47 AM: 

the secretary of the VP, who sits in the cubicle next to mine, has suddenly become very uppity. oops, here come the Feds.

10:18 AM: 

hoover's online, which has nice business research that i use all the time, has (or had— it's hard to tell in online articles) an ongoing feature in which a bicyclist visits the boardrooms and office campuses of major european corporations. he checks out the amenities, decor, and corporate culture, and reports back. i'm eating it up:

"Hoover's Road Warrior"

Monday, August 21, 2000

10:04 AM: 

i was just downstairs getting some coffee. someone, and i'm not saying that it needs to be me, should make a novel called "tall mocha, short latte." or maybe "short mocha, tall latte." i'm flexible.

also, it became crystallized in my mind that people with bad haircuts have a considerable amount of inner conflict. the worse the haircut, the worse the inner conflict that can be assumed. oh i saw a doozy today, but the majesty of its infamy just can't be done justice— i won't try to describe it here. people with good haircuts can still be maladjusted— i'll figure out how they fit into the equation later.


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