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Friday, August 18, 2000

11:58 AM: 

ALLright i got this off the blogger front page. i'm weak! i admit it!

opensewer - a community addressing the question: how do we live in the world?

11:51 AM: 

mental breakthrough: i was sitting in a meeting this morning and weighing the improbity of a co-worker. blissfully unaware that my hands of judgement were tightening around her moral neck, she smiled, answered questions, and seemed perfectly content with the world. how dare she exist happily, i thought, when she is completely incompetent in her work. when her incompetence forces me to work twice as hard. why must i gnaw my liver at the injustice of it all while she carries on with no outward perturbation. what is the victory in all this? a year ago i would just have hated her (and i have always hated people like her— how can you not?) without knowing why. today, finally, i know why. i'm unhappy, i'm insecure— and here i'd always thought i was just fundamentally wicked, or something.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

6:27 PM: 

this web page was shocking in its audacity:

quin's web page

4:15 PM: 

i've concluded that breaking up is a bloodsport. in an exercise of this new observation i called up peter last night and raked him over some hot coals for a good 60 minutes. then i went to sleep. one part of my conscience felt worse; another, better. i mean maybe i wouldn't do it again. but i felt i had to do it then.

strange how people find ways to do violence to themselves. my designated lust object did one of those mid-day haircuts. the ones where your co-workers show up looking like one thing in the morning, and appear later looking like something completely else. the haircut is awful. i am disturbed.

Monday, August 14, 2000

6:11 PM: 

beautiful in its evil... a corporate buzzword generator: buzzword generator


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