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Friday, July 14, 2000

8:39 PM: 

i was in the lingerie section of bloomingdale's the other day, and if you were to say that rich people shop at bloomingdale's, my observation is that rich women wear a lot of thong underwear. really.

but i'm your social-climbing type of petty bourgeois anyways, so who am i to scoff?

there was a couple in my apartment complex that used to fight a lot... screaming and crying to make your hair stand on end. but he was always the one screaming, and she always the one crying. begging and whimpering, too. they used to fight every single evening, but i haven't heard them lately. i had never figured out which apartment they lived in, and a girl moved out just about the same time the fighting stopped. so if it was indeed her... it's an interesting light that would put her in. a wisconsin state graduate named sophie, military boyfriend, battered girlfriend. poor her. she was gone in an afternoon, her departure marked by the appearance of a ryder rig parked out on the sidewalk. we never talked.

2:32 PM: 

he is wearing the boots. i die.

11:40 AM: 

do dooby doo!

11:03 AM: 

incredible! i just went to amazon to find a link and in the process signed in to see my "recommended selections," and every recommendation except one was dead on! check it out:
books: Oracle Security by Marlene Theriault, et al

music: Buena Vista Social Club ~ Ry Cooder, et al
was planning to see and buy!

dvds: Shakespeare in Love DVD ~ Geoffrey Rush

toys and video games: Pokemon PokeBall Blaster with Three Figures: Charmander #4, Charmeleon #5 and Charizard #6 by Hasbro
tempting! but no oddish!

electronics: Sony DVP-S7700 DVD-Video Player by Sony
i was going to get a toshiba!

i am very impressed. well, anyways, i was at amazon to bring a link. if you're ever in the mood for unrequited love, try The Wandering Unicorn if you can find it. a nice book in the magical-realism genre about crusades and melusine, the fairy who is incidentally the double-tailed mermaid of the starbuck's logo.

10:42 AM: 

dooby dooby doo

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

10:15 AM: 

woke up this morning dreaming of mothers that are courageous and men that weep and open their hearts to me and now i am really teetering on the edge of a mood. i feel like i can't find my voice these days. i keep wrestling with myself over it. i worry that i would have to go back to a dark place to find it. should i?'s movable type had some timely words, relating to a feature, a lethal stroke of genius, in this morning's newsletter:
from plato:

"Madness, provided it comes as a gift from heaven, is the channel by which we receive the greatest blessings.... If a man comes to the door of poetry untouched by the madness of the Muses, believing that technique alone will make him a great poet, he and his sane compositions never reach perfection, but are utterly eclipsed by the performances of the inspired madman."

from f. scott fitzgerald:

"In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day."

and from john dryden:

"Great wits are sure to madness near allied
And thin partitions do their bounds divide."

ach, the entire newsletter was terrific. check it out for yourself.

Monday, July 10, 2000

11:28 AM: 

i like birds. parrots and crows are really great. no, i don't know where this is going because it's monday morning and i'm still recovering from watching 6 hours of Vision of Escaflowne last night. on the bright side, i did finish the series. that's 28 episodes, i think, 1/2 hour each. um. crows... i saw a raven yesterday. that was cool. and parrots... i found this story about a 'profound' north carolina parrot. it gave me a chuckle.


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