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Saturday, July 01, 2000

2:50 PM: 

ack! somebody blogged the Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite. i'd better do it, too! whew. it's gonna be the best protocol ever... better than DHCP... LDAP... god, i don't know what i'm talking about anymore...

and if you're wondering what just a few of the other protocols it's going to rock are, click no further. well, maybe just one click further. well, maybe just one more click further, for a laugh.

ah, a good quote always puts me in a wistful mood—

"At the end of the journey, all men think that their youth was Arcadia..." -Goethe

2:25 PM: 

today it seems possible that, like bones, broken hearts heal more slowly as we age.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

8:49 PM: 

do dooby dooby

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

11:08 AM: 

wow... download's "base metal" is playing on radioaktiv's mp3 stream! too awesome! he gets a link.

darn. i just checked the link and it doesn't seem to work. well, i'll just leave it up, in case it works again someday. radioaktiv, come baaaaack!

Monday, June 26, 2000

10:28 AM: 

dooby dooby doo

10:19 AM: 

an amendment to saturday's post, which probably wasn't clear... one day about a month ago i opened up icq, set all my friends to "permanently visible" and all my enemies to "permanently invisible," switched my online state to "invisible," and closed the program. with icq your online state is preserved the next time you run it. so for a month i logged on to icq invisibly. and then i forgot why i did it. i thought maybe it had something to do with my ex, but considering that i wasn't so upset at him anymore, and that i was getting tired of seeing my entire list in italics, i set all my friends and enemies back to "normal," except for a choice few, who remained banished, set my state to "online," and thought, "o freedom!"

and now i am thinking, "the slave thinks he has been released from bondage only to find a stronger set of chains." G:D


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