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Friday, June 16, 2000

12:44 AM: 

really quickly... let me tell you about my mother. i know it's almost father's day, but the person i really want to talk about is my mother. i don't think she ever liked my feet. they were too big. what were size 7 1/2 feet doing on any daughter of hers? but i couldn't help the size of my feet. about a month ago, when i bought a size 8 pair of shoes, the first 8s i'd ever bought, my sister made a small, shocked gasp. and then tried to pretend that she hadn't. but i heard it.

today my other sister graduated eighth grade, an ordeal, plain and simple. everyone was tense at the ceremony. my brother; my mother who laughed nervously at too many things. i think my sister got off the easiest. she didn't have to sit with us. a few hours after graduation she left for a slumber party. good for her. i stayed home until i couldn't stand it, and then i drove back to my apartment. which is where i'm writing you from now. on the way back i broke down from depression, frustration, and loneliness and called the ex. a banner day for me.

i think i'm going to put on the side of this blog, "a wrist-slittingly good time."

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

12:34 AM: 

the earth edition of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. it's cool. i'm going to write something for it. and tapes of the hitchhiker's tv series? drooool...

12:13 AM: 

it all started when i was at vroman's, an l.a. independent bookstore. there were these inexpensive plastic placemats (in a set with matching coasters!) from a company called Pimpernel. the designs there were all horrible and loud, but it seemed like this company was on to something, and i made a mental note to look it up on the internet. so i find a big stash of them at britishgoods... incredibly cool to an anglophile (me); they're from britain! now i have to get some.

britishgoods sez:

We never have complaints about anything associated with the Pimpernel line. What we have are many customers buying a second or third pattern to vary the look of their table settings.

britishgoods is godly... it sells not one, but two separate kinds of turkish delight. i am assuming this is the same stuff we all read about in c.s. lewis! what exactly is turkish delight?! i don't know! but now, thanks to the internet i can have some headed my way, priority mail, right... um... now! excuse me while i get my credit card!....

Monday, June 12, 2000

1:29 AM: 

stunning revelation #2... emilio estevez is a hardcore quake 3 junkie!

in other cool news, smashed up sanity posted my review of the nin concert on their large page o' reviews. granted my review is not the best written and sort of drooly, but i submitted it the night of the concert, round about 1:30 a.m. so please forgive me. it's great that so many submissions are up there. reading them adds nicely to the "concert experience". so as not to be wholly self-centered, i'd recommend this review because of the lighting commentary from a not-so-typical nin fan.

although... what's typical, really? i mentioned to a co-worker that i have an alexander pushkin web site, and he said, oh, i didn't take you for a pushkin reader. and i thought: huh? so now there's a "type" for 19th-century russian poetry readers? if anything, i'm usually accused being exactly the right "type" for that kind of stuff, and the wrong type for anything else. which just goes to show that people shouldn't engage in brainless speculation like that, and even more, not blurt it out to the object of said speculation.


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