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Tuesday, May 30, 2000

11:40 AM: 

cu-hool, from Salon, but why doesn't it look anything like Salon? and yes, the new Salon site design notwithstanding.

11:00 AM: 

i feel awful. because i slept the day away yesterday i felt compelled to stay out till late at night. so i got to bed at 3. i woke up this morning at 8. this schedule used to work fine when all i had to do during the day was take notes in lecture... or, punch record on my tape player and conk out in the back row of good old haines hall (distance of seat backs to wall offered perfect support for the head). but alas, not any more.

some good writing and some awful drivel get sent out when the whim strikes christopher locke. i forgive him for the awful drivel... it's not for a lack of talent. he's got loads. it's really just a lack of editing, and hey, when it's your own personal newsletter i think you should feel free to drivel and drool as much as you want. i like what he paraphrased about the media in saturday's edition:

Guy Debord said it better: you can't revolt or even criticize. You can only feed the spectacle.

rock and roll... i'm a media junkie. criticism about media is published through media... i love it! locke sez:

In Sanskrit it's called samsara, the endless seamless round of birth and death, enthusiasm and frustration, hope and despair...

and he sez:

Sisyphus raised orders of magnitude. Now we have Samsara by Guerlain. They turned it into a brand of perfume. Floral, the ads say. Oriental. Feminine and romantic.

and i thought, cool, capitalism bastardizes all, but we live better for it, but wait, i'm writing in the same voice that locke is, aren't i?

crap... i've fallen into some sort of self-confessional, stream-of-consciousness, web-logging "voice," and i'm too tired to be all original and write in any other voice! this can only mean one thing: it's ready to be parodied. bring me the voice of blogging, skewered on a stick of parody! pretty please?


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