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Friday, May 19, 2000

10:34 PM: 

ahhh, all week and i couldn't get to you, my blog, my little sweetmeat (moorcock reference there)! but now i'm here and i have found wondrous new things, by virtue of slashdot:

the first is stinkymeat, which is the 18-day saga of a plate of rotting flesh. thaaaat's right. several people at my work now know about this, as i've become quite the stinkymeat evangelist. i showed it to my sister and we agreed: it was nearly enough to turn us vegetarian.

nearly, but not enough. there is a joke we have: if the fat is the best part of a steak, why not dispense with the steak and get straight to the fat? why not, in fact, take fat trimmings off of cooked steaks, and puree them? it would be like sauce, and we all know sauce is good! it would be like... fat sauce!

mmm, fat sauce.

also from slashdot: explodingdog, where the owner is illustrating titles submitted by users. several seem to go up each day. i like the drawings, they're cuuute! this one is for peter.

wow, the things you learn, in slashdot polls. most voting slashdotters own hundreds of cds. i lag behind at about 90. voting slashdotters like /* ... */ comments the best, and // ... comments next best. i voted for //, personally. 48% of voting slashdotters sleep six to eight hours. me too, except for the days i sleep five. only 25% of the voters sleep five. a hardy four percent run on l337 sleep... that's hardcore! finally, one voting slashdotter seems only to get k4v3 sleep.

Monday, May 15, 2000

10:47 PM: 

found this today: one of those revolutionary thingy-making type of places.

alicia witt was on ally mcbeal today. i remember her from dune. back then she moved her mouth in the same way when she spoke. funny, because she must have been, like, six. i mean she talks like she has an underbite.

5:42 PM: 

what an awesome word! coup d'oeil-- check it out at the bottom.


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Image detail of original by glockgal