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Saturday, May 13, 2000

4:04 PM: 

ok, so the first time i wrote this entry i wrote all this brilliant stuff, but i took too long doing it and blogger timed out on me and i lost all the pretty words....

so there are these posters plastered on walls around l.a. for a while there were lots of them. now there are fewer and they are getting old, but i've always liked the stark, mysterious look of them, with nothing but a supremely menacing face and the word "OBEY". or, sometimes, "GIANT 6'4" 520 LBS". who was it about? what was it about? now i finally know.

how much cooler could things be? the posters were made by people who are fully into the communist propaganda poster look. i have a soft spot in my heart for communism... in college, i majored in sociology.

a funny thing about communist propaganda. one famous piece is this image of che guevara. why is it that no one besides me has noticed that taco bell (well, chiat/day, really) copped the image for its "viva gorditas" campaign? if you don't believe me, check this out.

12:35 PM: 

OK, time to pander to the people at blogger, because i want in on their directory. need to add stuff to this page...

nothingradio has much music to be cool by.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

9:50 PM: 

porn is going to be the next big thing. swear to god. it's going to be big like disco, khakis, and drawstring pants were. the feminists won't like it (i'm not sure i like it), but like with twin-set sweaters, no one will listen.

10:13 AM: 

you know, for all the vaunted qualities of this new economy, i feel that on a basic level computer workers are like lacemakers... hands gnarled from hours of work at the keyboard and mouse, and slowly-slowly going blind.

vermeer may paint my portrait now.

radio show this morning was interviewing someone from that movie. you know, that sci-fi movie that's coming out. i'm not going to say its name, because then you-know-who would track me down. you know... the one with the grease guy in it. no way am i going to see that movie, nuh uh. and i give all my pity in advance to the poor dumb bastards that go, and use their credit cards to buy the tickets. *cackle*

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

7:56 PM: 

thank you peter heckman of das ist webloggen, who was kind enough to link to me. he has nice drawings and, recently and inexplicably, changed his background color from green to white.

several men with their headlights on at work today. disturbing.

Monday, May 08, 2000

11:07 PM: 

got back to the apartment well past nine tonight. saw an old classmate at the supermarket and stopped to network, then upon entering the apartment boiled a hot dog and ate it while reading a little from each of two books: one about software development and the other about the internet. called two friends, neither of whom were in. realized that i must go to sleep now if i am to get to work early, eight a.m., like i want to... and wondered, so this is my life? is this what it is to be? eat, drink, and think this job that i hate? live and breathe this thing i can barely bring myself to believe in? this is it?

what happened to the part of me that dreamed? i envy the pillow your head rests and slumbers... i saw a toy apple and it tore at my heart... i am too sensitive.

should i buy it? would that be good or bad?

3:35 PM: 

Ha, ha

5/8/2000... still hating my job.


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