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Monday, June 05, 2006

6:26 PM: Ramblin

i had a strange night last night. i went to my classmate's apartment around 10 pm. we were going to study. first he didn't have an ethernet cable long enough to connect my computer to his router, so i went to my apartment to get one. then his router wouldn't work and we fiddled with it. finally it worked, and i checked my email. i rambled for a while on one of my mailing lists because i wanted to procrastinate. i thought one of the cranky old unix folks would chew me out for that, but there isn't any fallout yet. then i actually got work done! but i was up until 5 am. so i slept on the couch there for three hours, went to my apartment, showered, and went to work (where i was late, because my bus hadn't come).

in the afternoon i went to the seminary bookstore and found out that an author i'd seen in l.a. was speaking at the sister store in two hours. i went, and coughed up about fifty dollars for two copies of the book. i plead sleep deprivation. i hope it was worth it. this author was hitchhiking his book tour, and he thanked his last ride, who he'd brought with him. the person was old, maybe in his 70's. he looked surprised and said it had been the first time he'd picked up a hitchhiker in forty years.


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Image detail of original by glockgal