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Sunday, May 21, 2006

8:19 PM: 

i got new makeup at sak's fifth avenue today. the company representative showed me a thickening mascara and a lengthening mascara, and i asked him which he'd recommend for me. it's easy to pick, since my eyelashes are short, dark, and thick, but you never know when makeup companies suddenly create something that does the opposite of what you think it would do. but this was not the case. it went like this:

rep: (eyes widen)
me: so, out of these two...
rep: (eyes get even wider)
me: is there one you think you would recommend?
rep: YES!

i guess it was really obvious i needed the lengthener. i know the feeling of watching customers walk off with things that are horribly wrong for them. i was glad that he cared.

now that i have the mascara and new eyeliner, i wonder if i will still buy the very expensive the sak bag with school logo that is at the student store. or will i buy the sensible and inexpensive school logo tote bag?


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Image detail of original by glockgal