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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3:04 PM: 

today i heard something worth writing down. my co-worker, who studies german literature, complained about an author who quoted something wrong, said it was from the wrong book, and said it was from the wrong language too. then he said, "i want my side to win! but with finesse! and i want them to make it hurt!" i thought that was funny. he is very angry for a german literature student. i thought that studying literature would make people calm.

a few days ago he told me that he believed that if you study something, it loses its beauty. that must be why he's mad. he does it every day. i don't believe that anyways. in high school i learned about innocence and the fall. basically it means that knowledge always damns you. life does feel that way if you don't understand. people think that familiarity has to breed contempt. the saying exists because of that. it can if you want to. but if you don't want to, i think it's very easy to understand that separate things coming together to make a painting, a person, or an oil slick (they have rainbows) are kind of like miracles.

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