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Saturday, December 11, 2004

6:42 PM: MMO Tales

my brother and sister have both been playing world of warcraft. the game programmers have included this feature where your character can dance. each race of characters has a different dance-- i specifically remember one has the moonwalk, and another does something which looks suspiciously like a lap dance. both of my siblings are on the "player killing allowed" server, where you're allowed to attack each other. therefore this dance feature is obviously to be used for taunting. this morning my sis was playing when a bunch of strangers ran up to her and started dancing. she steeled herself for an attack, but no attack came. instead, someone in the group said, "<3 |300|35" ("love boobs") and they all ran away. but that was an exception. things tend to go more like this: a few weeks ago my bro saw a group of players approach another group. one of the approachers said, "WE WILL KILL YOU LOLZ" and all in the group proceeded to dance. i don't remember if killing ensued, but how could it not? this is so worth $55 + $13/month. i believe that's the cost. why the heck am i not playing? oh yeah, i'm busy applying to SCHOOL. ; ;

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