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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

1:37 AM: The End Guy Was Hard

the irc quote database has this priceless quip: "i beat the internet. the end guy was hard." my surfing routine has been boiled down to a strict list lately. first i check my yahoo mail. then i check my gmail. then i read bad samaritan, metafilter, slashdot, salon (the "since you asked" column only), my livejournal friends page, and other weblogs, ones which aren't updated as frequently. my co-worker has a roommate who's a recluse. actually my co-worker thinks that he has social anxiety. when i was at their apartment for a party, this roommate didn't join the group for over two hours because he was busy in his room "being on the computer." apparently he reads metafilter and slashdot religiously, and i am dying to know who he is on these sites, but i don't want to disrupt the boundaries of his comfort zone. but still, i wonder. i've met him a few times and he's seemed only shy. mystery.

p.s. it's funny when your own posts surprise yourself. i can't believe i titled something two posts ago talking about british people and toast. and the post... was not at all about... toast.

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