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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

11:27 PM: Wanted: Mental Floss

i'm scared! i started off tonight looking at all the mail in my inbox from the new mailing list i joined... for unix users. most of them were flames. some of the flames mentioned some prehistoric flames from 1996 in usenet. so i googled the people involved and read those flames. vague memories were starting to surface, things i remembered happening in college. then i was like, "i've got to get on with my day," so i deleted all the hoo-hoo and went to metafilter, which i read every day, and noticed that dave winer of userland and infamy has just incited a round of flames. so i've been reading flamewars ALL NIGHT! UGH!

plus... i re-read the first comment i ever left on metafilter, and now i'm feeling guilty that it's quite snarky. 8(

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Image detail of original by glockgal