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Encyclopedia of Pain
I work in a computer lab in the basement of the science library. At our last staff meeting we picked up printer paper from behind the circulation desk. Someone noticed a book called The Encyclopedia of Pain. Someone else said, "Imagine if we pulled up the checkout record and every name was Chuck Norris."

I saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. It was really good. Swans are not good boyfriends. However, I liked the stuffed swan toy the prince had. I would buy one. Also, the swan crashes a party while wearing leather pants. That is similar to the Phantom of the Opera. There, the Phantom crashes a party while wearing a big red hat.

Taiwan's tourism board has a nice Web site. The pictures of famous landmarks are especially nice.

Am I not answering my cel phone? Am I not answering my e-mail? If I'm in my apartment, I don't have e-mail. Otherwise I may be at the computer lab, the library, or in class. My schedule for this quarter is:

Mon       Tues      Weds      Thurs     Fri       Sat       Sun
3P-4:20P  9A-10:20A 11:30A-   9A-10:20A 7:30A-10A 6P-10:30P None
          3P-4:20P   12:20P   1P-3P     10A-12A
          7P-9:50P  3P-4:20P  3P-4:20P  12P-1:30P

New Orleans
My nickname refers to Nine Inch Nails. They were based in New Orleans. They have put up pictures they took of the Lower Ninth Ward when they were allowed to visit it. They are here.

I am still in Chicago.

Mr. Scruff
I have been getting into Mr. Scruff. He's a British DJ who uses blues and jazz samples. His Web site has adorable drawings, and his music videos have the same drawings, but animated. He makes the drawings himself. I recommend him. His music is on commercials for Lincoln cars and trucks. This is his Web site. This is his music video for the song in the commercial, with links to other music videos.

I've made a few Listmania lists on Amazon. One is on Buddhist books (148 views... neat!), and the other is on heartbreak albums (4 views... oh well).

New Reading
The Becker-Posner Blog

Regular Reading
SGVLUG List, London Review of Books, Slashdot, Metachat, Metafilter, Alien Film Critic

Random Picture

A snowman at the library.

Friends Online
Ryan Bacon and friends


Getting Read Slowly
The Eyre Affair (thanks Nina!)
The Story of English
The Concubine's Tattoo Done!
The Edible Woman
London's Perfect Scoundrel
The Dream of the Red Chambers Volume One
The Chan's Great Continent
Wobegon Boy Done!
Guns, Germs and Steel

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